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Hearing music live might not be as good, in a technical sense, as listening to it through some quite nice headphones. But it is a special experience that you can barely compare to anything else; especially if it is something you have waited for, for quite a while. Going to a concert, or simply a live performance of your favorite singer or group is like celebrating your birthday for the first time and being aware of every detail, every note and word. It is simply something that keeps being a part of your memories for the rest of your life and you can relive it all the time. It doesn't need to be a known or famous musician, in order for the live performance to be good. Even small duos like Nightlife are able to make you feel something incredible.


Where can you find them

This Germany based duo is one of the best duets in Europe, having performed all over the continent and made even some original music. Their popularity is not something you should be taking in count, because it is only the music that matters and that is what will move you. Visit the nearest party with this duet perform and you will see what it means to do what you love and play and make music with passion.

Even though they are not the best vocalists or instrumentalists in the country, they made it to the top, because it takes more than that to get there. Their long career is spread over three decades, so they are able to cover some of the biggest hit-songs that every one of you should know and they do it all by themselves. They mostly play in the German region of Hessen, because their time of touring has come to an end and they try to settle down and write more original music.






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