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Nightlife – short biography

Music brings people together, it is known to be much more than a form of art and it should be respected as such. But there are some people who make it even more than that. Having a career in music is simply special; it connects you with so many people on a whole new level and gives new understanding to emotions, feelings and life in general. Imagine then doing something like that with the person you love the most, your partner in life and also in music. The duo Nightlife managed to do exactly that by doing music on different venues for almost two decades.


You should hear them perform live

Besides having their own original music, the duo Nightlife started by performing covers on famous songs in all possible genres. Their album Day in Other Days is a worthy one in the world of music and can be heard on many radio stations across Europe. But the real reason why this due, or should we say couple, has managed to stay in the business this long is their shared love and passion for music. It makes peoples feel a certain way to know that those two performers have a history behind them doing exactly what they are doing now, making amazing music and bringing life into the atmosphere.


They do everything, from decent venues, parties, weddings to big events and concerts all around Germany. Their pop music and famous hit-songs are recognizable everywhere and stick with you just like the great songs from world known musicians. Not many can do dance music as good as they are, having performed in many festivals and being part of quite a few competitions. Today they are continuing with their career with a single goal, to bring joy and fun into other people's lives through their music.






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